Maintenance Services

When renting from PPM, our maintenance staff is constantly working to provide you with a more comfortable renting experience.

Before you move in we do a walk-through inspection of apartment conditions. We list what needs to be addressed and make necessary preparations for your arrival by making repairs, improvements, checking safety standards, painting, and cleaning.

Maintenance On-Call

Our maintenance staff is on-call from 8 AM until 8 PM, seven days a week. You can call the maintenance line at 607.272.1765, ext. 1 with any requests, repairs, or emergencies. If any problems ever arise contact our maintenance staff and they will respond whether it is as simple as a loose doorknob or as complex as a hot water tank going out.

Year-Round Maintenance Services

  1. Landscaping
  2. Lawn mowing
  3. Leaf raking
  4. Sidewalk snow removal
  5. Gutter cleaning
  6. Year-round cleaning of shared laundry rooms
  7. Furnace assessment and filter changes
  8. Fast response to all maintenance requests received via e-mail or phone